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Hunting Land in Kentucky

Posted on April 23, 2018 in Uncategorized

When you buy any kind of land, including hunting land in Kentucky, there are many points to be evaluated. Hunting is a sport with very specific requirement. Land is an investment that needs maintenance. Together they can form an ideal recreational union. The points to consider when buying hunting land in Kentucky include the following.

First, the access to the hunting land in Kentucky you are considering purchasing should be open most of the year. Winter storms may temporarily block access for short periods, but there should also be more than one way into the property. Also make sure that legal ingress and egress is documented. Determine if there are any easement rights on your property or that you need on someone else’s property for your property access.

When considering the purchase of hunting land in Kentucky, calculate all land maintenance costs. These costs include maintaining the roads or trails on the property. Some roads may require expensive fill if they are prone to erosion. You should factor in the cost of the road material in your annual maintenance budget.

When deciding which parcels of hunting land in Kentucky to buy also consider having a survey done to determine property lines. This is true especially if the Kentucky property has any boundary disputes or questionable spots. If you don’t have a survey done, you are taking a serious risk. Though a survey may seem expensive, it is like buying insurance. A survey insures that you will not get into a legal dispute over the property lines. Since hunting land in Kentucky often needs or has fences, a survey is important. That leads to another point. You should understand the range laws in the area where you are buying land. Though the intent is not to have grazing livestock, your neighbor may very well have farm animals. Roaming animals have caused a lot of problems over time. In Kentucky, public waters are not allowed to be fenced.

When buying hunting land in Kentucky, double check the zoning for the land. You may want to build structures on the property at some point and don’t want unexpected restrictions to limit your activity. This is true for wells also. You may want to dig a well one day so it is best to understand the laws concerning wells before you buy land.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying hunting land in Kentucky is not doing adequate research. This is actually true for any land purchase. It is tempting to think of land as simply that – a piece of land. But land use changes as owners and interests change. It may be hunting land right now, but later on it may become a residential neighborhood or your retirement home. If that is the case then you will want to develop the property.

Finding hunting land in Kentucky is very easy. It is available throughout the state. First choose the area of the state you are interested in and locate an agent who is experienced in that particular land area. You don’t want any surprises when you are ready to hunt or develop the land.

Cheap Car Insurance in Louisville, Kentucky

Posted on April 17, 2018 in Uncategorized

Many parents in Louisville, Kentucky are all facing the same distress each year. It’s when their child becomes old enough to drive on their own and they have to start paying for car insurance for the youngster. Considering that on average six hundred teenage drivers are charged with driving while intoxicated each year, it’s easy to see why insurance companies view this age group as being high risk. There are things a parent and their child can do though if they want to enjoy cheap car insurance in Louisville, Kentucky.

First and foremost every teenager who becomes licensed to drive in Louisville should be a graduate of a state recognized driver’s training program. These programs not only offer a cheaper insurance rate for the teen, but they also teach the young adult the basic rules of the road, including how to drive both defensively and safely.

Teens also can enjoy cheaper rates if they are in a car that has safety measures built-in. Most insurance companies look favorably on a teen that is driving a car that has both air bags and anti-lock brakes. So if a parent wants their teen to have a lower price tag on their insurance premiums, allowing them to drive a car with these features is a good idea.

Look for an insurance company that offers a discount for conscientious students with good grades. Many teenagers see the value in a solid education and work very hard to maintain a high grade point average. Some car insurance companies view this as a sign that the child understands responsibility and they will reward the teen by giving them a cheaper car insurance rate.

In addition, it’s really important for the parents to stress the cost of speeding and reckless driving. For each incident that the child is involved with be it a speeding citation or an accident, the insurance rate will jump. Kids need to be well aware of the fact that their actions when driving really do have serious financial consequences.

How To Get The Best Rates on Car Insurance In Kentucky

Posted on April 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

In the state of Kentucky each year, on average, 600 teenagers are involved in accidents where alcohol is related. Not only does this mean injuries and in some cases death, it also results in incredibly high insurance premiums for the foreseeable future for the young driver at fault. There are things parents can do to help ensure that their teenager and they enjoy the best rates on car insurance in Kentucky.

One of the most effective ways for anyone to enjoy a good rate on car insurance is to drive a low risk car. In the case of a teen driver this typically means the family sedan as opposed to a sports car. Although most teenagers dream of having their own car, it’s much more prudent, in terms of the rates to add them as an occasional driver on their parents’ policy.

Having the child take a course in driver’s training will also bring rates down and good students are often rewarded with better rates too. If a child proves they take school seriously, most car insurance companies will assume that they will take care when driving too. Proof of a high grade point average is often required in order to qualify for this particular discount.

For everyone in the family it’s important to always be careful and courteous when driving. We all know that accident claims raise rates, but speeding tickets do as well. By staying clear of collisions and driving within posted limits, you can ultimately save quite a bit on these rates.

Also, ask about renewal discounts with any companies you are considering doing business with. Each year when your car insurance is set to expire you should be out scouting the prices with other companies. If your current company does offer a renewal discount you’ll likely find they have the best rate possible for you.