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Cheap Auto Insurance – How to Tell If a Cheap Auto Insurance Quote Provides Enough Coverage

Posted on August 30, 2018 in Uncategorized

Q: While shopping for a cheap Kentucky auto insurance quote, I received one from a company that is quite a bit less than the others. How do I know if this provider is going to cover me properly?

A: We get questions similar to yours quite a bit and it is difficult to tell if the specific quote you got while shopping for a cheap Kentucky auto insurance quote is legitimate or not. In Kentucky, as in most states, the auto insurance industry is fairly competitive. For this reason most companies policies will be similar in price. If the quote you got is substantially less then you have some work to do before you decide if this is a company you would like to do business with.

The low-cost quote you received may well be legitimate and here are a few steps to take to be sure it is:

*Make sure the policy meets the minimum coverage requirement in Kentucky

*If you have significant assets be certain you have enough coverage to protect them

*Call the Kentucky Board of Insurance and be certain the company is licensed

*Ask neighbors, friends, and coworkers if they have any experience with the company

If you follow these steps you should be able to put your mind at ease regarding the cheap auto insurance quote you received.

Comparing auto insurance quotes online is one of the most important things you can do when shopping for coverage. While it does take a few minutes to do, comparison shopping ensures that you receive the best automobile coverage at the lowest price.

Kentucky Auto Insurance Helps Protecting You

Posted on August 24, 2018 in Uncategorized

Choosing insurance to protect you and your passengers against the cost of accidents and loss after an accident is always a good idea. The state of Kentucky Auto insurance laws actually prescribe the minimum amounts you may insure yourself for.

These limits ensure that you can pay for costs you may incur as the guilty party in an accident. Kentucky laws use a system called the tort system to determine who pays what after an accident happened. The tort system works as follow: the accident investigation will reveal who caused the accident in the first place. This party is then responsible to pay all the other people involved in the accident as far as loss and or costs they may have as a result of the accident.

Keep in mind that this tort system is not in use in all the states of America or countries abroad. Talk to your insurance broker about coverage should you travel in other states or countries.

You may wonder what costs I am referring to. After an accident there could be injuries to yourself or passengers either in your vehicle or should another vehicle be involved those passengers may be hurt as well. The insurance companies refer to these costs that will pay for injury to a person as bodily injury liability.

Federal law in Kentucky determines that you must be able to pay at least twenty five thousand dollars in compensation to a person that suffered bodily harm in an accident you caused. If more than one person was injured, the law puts a cap on the total amount that you may be liable for. This cap is set at $ 50 000 per accident with more than one person injured.

Some accidents result in property damage. Here we think about the car of the second party being destroyed or the items you may hit during an accident – for instance if you drove into somebody’s wall. This property must be replaced or fixed, and again you as the guilty party will have to pay these costs.

The minimum amount you should take out insurance for to cover you against property damage costs was set at ten thousand dollars.

A final item on your insurance list would be personal injury protection – set at $ 10 000 you know that these claims will be taken care of as well.

Insurance not only protect you against being the guilty party in a car accident, it also serves as a way of repairing your own property or payment towards bodily injuries you may suffer when a person with no insurance causes an accident.

Individual Health Insurance – Where Do You Start?

Posted on August 18, 2018 in Uncategorized

No one can afford to be caught without Kentucky health insurance. One bout with an illness that requires hospitalization could bankrupt your family if you do not have any coverage. Fortunately, those looking for Kentucky Individual Health Insurance Plans, there are a number of affordable options to obtain medical insurance that can protect you and your family from a financial nightmare.

Shopping for the best health insurance plan will first require an evaluation of your needs. Are you looking for a short term policy to cover you until you find a job or do you need full coverage similar to what a large employer would provide? You also must look at your budget and determine what you can afford to pay in a monthly premium. You can control the cost by looking at plans that carry higher deductibles and higher coinsurance rates.

The two main providers of health insurance in Kentucky are Humana and Anthem. Each of these major insurance carriers offers a variety of plans in the Bluegrass to cover just about any need. Anthem’s Lumenos plan offers a wide choice of benefit options which includes 100% coverage for preventive care after your deductible. The Lumenos HAS plan does require you to choose providers from within its’ network in Kentucky to receive the maximum benefits. Individual deductibles can be set at between $1500 and $5500 while family plans will range between $3000 and $11,000. The lower the deductible, the more expensive your premium will be. The lifetime maximum benefit caps at $7 million per member.

The equivalent to Anthem’s Lumenos plan is HumanaOne Portrait. Deductibles for this plan can be set as low as $1000 per individual or $2000 for in network family care. This plan pays 80% of the cost for most covered in-network medical services. The plan also pays 100% for in network doctors visits for covered illness or injury after your copayment. The HumanaOne Autograph plan offers a little more flexibility for someone on a tight budget. It allows you to choose the level of protection you want at a cost that will match what you can afford.

Don’t be caught without health insurance because you fear premiums will be too expensive. If you have questions about what plan is best to meet your needs contact an experienced independent insurance agent who can help you shop around for the best coverage.